It´s just nature and us...



honest. down-to-earth. good.


These three words feature on all our bottles, and they express exactly what we try to achieve in our vineyards. We do not use herbicides or insecticides, and we plant cover crops in specific areas in order to regulate vine growth naturally. This way, with the help of Mother Nature, we strive to grow healthy and fully ripe grapes whose natural flavour we capture in the bottle.

"Sandberg", "Meistall", "Holzleiten", "Zwischen Graben", "Spiegel" are some of the places where we work all year round. Our 12 hectares of vineyards are situated around the village of Ebersbrunn. All of them are close enough that we can simply hop on a bike and pay them a quick visit.


garten2_klein.jpgWith their light, sandy gravel, expanses of loessas well as robust and dense loam, our vineyard sites enjoy a truly diverse range of soils. Much like ourselves, our vines also have their individual preferences. Our Riesling loves warm, poor, gravelly soils, providing fresh wines of substance and character. Our Zweigelt, on the other hand, prefers the loamy soils of "Radlbrunnerweg" and ripens tofull-bodied and smooth wines.

Before we harvest our grapes in autumn, we spend many hours on every single vineyard site. We stand among the vineyard rows, dressed either like an Eskimo during thepruning season or topless as if we were at the pool, while we´re actually managing the canopy.

All these memories make every little glass taste twice as good...