from grape to bottle...


keller2_klein.jpg... everything happens within our own four walls. We produce and bottle all our wines ourselves.


keller1_klein.jpgOur white wines are carefully pressed, chilled and then fermented at 18-20°C in stainless steel tanks. This allows us to retain as much of their fruit character and freshness as possible. Afterwards, the then still cloudy wines are racked off the yeast and matured at cool temperatures in the cellar for several months until they are mature enough for bottling.


Our red wines are fermented on the skins at temperatures between 25-30°C, depending on the variety. During this process, alcohol forms and colour and tannins are extracted from the grape skins. After pressing, malolactic fermentation occurs, naturally lowering the total acidity and resulting in exceptionally smooth wines. The wines are stored in a chilled natural cellar in large oak vats or small barriques, allowing the wines to reach optimal maturity.