us and our feet...




... just like on our labels, on our wine farm the younger generation follows in the footsteps of the older generation. We see ourselves as a family business and so do not have employees. When it comes to our wines, we stand on our own feet!


Would you like to hear more about our feet?
Alright, here are a few more thoughts on us and our feet...


We STAND for family, where one generation follows in the footsteps of the previous one. In every glass you can taste the joy that we all - children and parents - take from working together.

We strive to MOVE forward and believe in modern advances in the cellar as well as in the vineyards. Being open to modern technology and new approaches not only allowsus to keep our minds active but also helps us to improve the quality of our wines continuously.

We RUN around for our clients, so that we can personally look after each and every one of them. Not only do we find it fun to deliver the wines ourselves, but it also enables us to reactimmediately to our clients´ requests.