it´s a team effort ...



Our tight-knit family is the foundation of our thriving business. From the vineyards and the cellar
right through to deliveries, togetherness is always on our agenda.


familie.gifKarl, born in 1959
Graduate of the Krems Wine School
... has been in charge of the business from the tender age of 18, modernising it continuously. Be it the vineyards, cellar, bookkeeping or deliveries - Karl is involved in every step and on every level.


Gabi, born in 1962
Qualified horticulturist
... enjoys expressing her passion in the vineyards. Thanks to Gabi, our home, farm and gardens burst into bloom (much to the delight of our bees and our family).


Thomas, born in 1987
Graduate of the Federal College of Viticulture and Pomology, Klosterneuburg
Austrian Sommelier Studies
Several internships abroad, including in New Zealand and Chile
... after gaining several years experience at various wine farms in Austria and abroad, Thomas began working full-time at his parents business in 2011. His Wife Sarah supports the family if their little son Alois gives her some spare time.


Maria, born in 1989
Bachelor of Arts (The College of Tourism and Leisure Industries, Innsbruck)
... somehow managed to slip out of our hands and is currently working as a restaurant manager in a hotel in Bamberg, Bayern.


Benedikt, born in 1996
Graduate of The Federal College of Viticulture and Pomology, Klosterneuburg
Intership in New Zealand
Voluntary work at the Red Cross in Ziersdorf
... our motivated tractor driver! After the Intership in New Zealand Bendikt began also working at the family business.